Dewaele: Time Traveler, Soccer Fan, And Lover of Wars | By Alan Garduno

It is the end of a long and tiring Wednesday. Seventh period arrived and it was time for my interview. Excitedly, I walk over to Mr. Dewaele’s classroom which is next to Ms. Mohr’s classroom. A little nervous, I open the door and walk into his class. It’s loud and full of students yet full of history and knowledge. Mr. Dewaele is ready for me and he seems excited to start. From New Jersey, right out of the city of Philadelphia to Pasadena where he now reside which is 20 miles away. He travels through many different time periods because well, he’s a History teacher! Mr. Dewaele has grown accustomed to this environment because he has worked at V.I.S.A for 8 years. Dewaele received his education at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey which is now called Stockton University.

Mr. Dewaele’s passion for history came to him when he was just 9 years old. A very young Jaime had gone on vacation to Boston with his family. In Boston, Jaime and his family went to the war field where the Battle of Lexington and Concord took place which was the first battle in the Revolutionary War. The park ranger that gave them a tour of the field used incredible details that would stick with Mr Dewaele forever as he recalls “I could remember the, the park ranger telling us the story of the Battle of Lexington and as he was talking, I could imagine the soldiers and the smoke from the muskets and the way he told the story, I said, “That was awesome!” and every year in AP U.S. when I teach Lexington and Concord I use his words to teach it.” shared Mr. Dewaele. From that point on, Jaime Dewaele knew he wanted to be a history teacher.

When it was time for college Mr. Dewaele didn’t enroll into a 4 year college or university, instead he decided to enroll into a community college since university was not his first calling. Mr. Dewaele shared, “After a year I dropped out ‘cause I didn’t feel like I was ready for college, we’re told in high school, go straight to college, straight to college, straight to college and that’s good for a lot of people but it wasn’t good for me and I didn’t do well in my classes.” When he dropped out of college, Mr. Dewaele decided to backpack and travel all around Europe by himself for a whole month. Mr. Dewaele’s experience allowed himself to find out who he truly is. He later returned back home, applied to Stockton University and he never got below a 4.0 GPA.

Mr. Dewaele’s favorite events in history are wars. He likes the American Revolution, Civil War, World War 1, World War 2, and the French Revolution the most. Not only is Mr. Dewaele a time traveler and a war enthusiast, but he is also a HUGE soccer fan. His favorite soccer team is Chelsea F.C., a team from England. In previous years Mr. Dewaele was a soccer coach for the V.I.S.A boy’s soccer team. Dewaele thoroughly enjoyed being a soccer coach but he found that he could never enjoy watching his favorite team play anymore. While his favorite soccer team would play, he would not enjoy them play but rather he would take notes on what cool plays and tactics the team did. Currently, Dewaele is no longer a coach and can finally  enjoy watching his favorite team play again. Mr. Dewaele brings a positive and happy vibe to V.I.S.A. and everyone notices it. While a very humorous and laid-back teacher he balances it out by also being  strict and hard pushing when things need to get done.

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