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This is sample body text.  To delete this and other sample content, click on Manage under the Stories tab in your WordPress dashboard and just trash the stories that you no longer want to see. It is probably in your best interest to wait to trash these stories until after you have added your own content or the site will look surprisingly empty. Also it works best to add new content, not simply cover over these sample stories.

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Completing the custom fields

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Each story has custom fields available for you to fill in as needed. Not all of these features will show up on the homepage, but they will show up on a story’s page. While the descriptions for each custom field make its purpose obvious, read below for more information.

Writer: Be sure to add a writer for each story — this is what will connect the story to a writer’s profile on the staff page. You must spell the writer’s name exactly the same as when you set up the writer’s staff profile. Use the green plus to add another writer.

Job Title: You can add something like “Staff Writer” or “News Editor” in this box.

Featured Image Location: This choice determines where the photo is displayed on the story’s main page. It does not affect its placement on the homepage or other pages. Do not choose Slideshow of All Attached Images unless you have attached many images to the story.

Video Embed Code: Paste the embed code from any video on any site.

Video Credit: This will create a credit line just below the video on the story page — this will also connect the video to profiles on the staff page. Use the green plus to add more than one credit.

Video Location: This choice determines where the video is displayed on the story’s main page. It does not affect its placement on the homepage or other pages.

Audio: Once you’ve uploaded an .mp3 audio clip to your site, you can paste the URL of the uploaded clip here, and it will generate an audio player on the story page. You can also link to .mp3 files hosted anywhere on the Web; you don’t need to upload them to your site.

Sports Add-On: Attach to Sport Page: This only works if the Sports Center Add-On package has been installed on your site. This allows you to have a story show up on the individual pages in the Sports Center package.

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Add a story to your site

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Adding a story is a simple process with SNO FLEX.  To get started, click on New under the Stories tab on the left navigation bar in the WordPress dashboard.

Enter the headline for the article. In the box to the right of the title, choose your title size for the Story Page, if you would like it to be different from the default option. If you would like a secondary headline or deck for the story, type it into the appropriate box in the right-hand column.

Either type or paste the main body of the story in the main box on the page.

Every story has three options for its story page: Full-Width, With Sidebar, or Long-Form. Simply, select which you would like. The default for this option can be set on the SNO Design Options page under the options for Story Page and Comments. This story is currently using the Full-Width.

Scroll down to the box with category choices in the right column and select the appropriate category. The Showcase category is best used for the top area or showcase carousel on the homepage. You may assign a story to multiple categories, but this will cause it to show up in multiple places on your homepage.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the set Featured Image box on the right-hand side; click on the Set featured image link.

Click on Upload Files in the upper left-hand corner, then click select files or drag and drop the picture you would like to be the featured image for this story. The picture will upload and a set of fields/boxes will appear to the right.

Type your caption in the caption box.

Type the photographer’s name in the photographer box. If there is a staff profile for the photographer, this field is what will enable your site to automatically link this story to that staff profile.

Click the set featured image button in the lower right-hand corner. You will now see your featured image show up in the featured image box.

Complete the Custom Fields as needed then scroll up and click Publish.

The Publish button is in the right column about halfway down. If you return to edit this story, this button will have changed to the Update button. After making any changes to the story or its settings you will need to have click the Update button for them to appear.

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