Who are the Gypsies?

Nikita, Journalist

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Where do the Gypsies come from? Different lifestyles, clothing, and mannerisms. They’re all around the world, yet so hard to see. Though many have heard of them, their lifestyles are relatively unknown to the world. “Many Americans are familiar with them, but to most they’re still strangers.”- American Gypsy. This makes it quite easy for outsiders to rile up stereotypes, or create their own picture, of who they think the gypsy people actually are and where they come from. Thousands of years back, originating from the northern part of India, some of which includes; East Punjab , Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. Gypsies have been confused for different ethnicities for years. In fact, when they first migrated to Europe years back, Europeans believed that they came from Egypt.


Now, they’re most settled in European countries like Romania. Due to the fact that the majority lived in Romania, they were referred to as Romani or Romas. Regardless of the fact that they’ve moved around a lot, they tend to stay close to their own. They aren’t usually seen associating with those they are unfamiliar with. Family is a huge part of gypsy culture, and marrying into your own family is quite common. However, something they don’t stick by is their faith. There is no set religion for the Romas; it usually is adapted depending on where they live.  


In regards to their work life, Romani people here are known to work usually in the entertainment fields, such as: dancing, singing, and fortune telling. Gypsies do have quite a majestic culture and things like fortune telling and magic are right up their alley’s. Though, that was mainly done in past eras. Most gypsies now tend to lead a more “normal” life and have everyday jobs and lifestyles just like everybody else. 

Remzi Taşkıran- Turkish Portrait Painter: