How does language shape our thinking?

Anahi, Journalist

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Friday,November 7, 2018

SAN FERNANDO- Does the language we speak shape how we think? The world speaks about 6,000-7,000 languages. TED published a lesson by Lera Boroditsky in which she talks about the languages having their own vocabularies and the differences between languages while talking about more things.


Boroditsky states, “The brain takes those vibrations from your eardrums and transforms them into thoughts.” The sound we make are made into thoughts and understanding of these vibrations. We may not be familiar to the vibration so we do not have the understanding of them or we can have the same vibrations/thoughts but not the same vocabulary. The structures of the sounds that the words make are being heard but not understood, they aren’t created into thoughts, when it is a language that is not learned.


Boroditsky shows that the structure of a sentence is based on the language and how the words are used or understood. Each language has its own sounds and vocabulary which shapes the sentence structure, but they can have their own interpretation of a word and this shapes the sentence and vocabularies of a word. Do you think the thoughts or the thinking process is affected by the language we speak?

                       This is Lera Boroditsky explaining her lesson of How language

shapes the way we think.


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