Problems that Veterans Face

Adrian, Journalist

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San Fernando  

What are veterans? Veterans are soldiers that have finished serving in the army. Most veterans who have come home face problems such as mental illnesses, being homeless, and suicide. This is a big problem across the country with veterans not having the help that they need.

One problem that veterans face is being homeless. Homeless veterans is a problem that is growing across the county. Just in Los Angeles there is over 8,000 homeless veterans. California itself holds around 25% of the homeless veterans. Around 56% of veterans end up being homeless around the US. This happens because most veterans don’t have the resources that they need to help them with their person life.

Another problem that happens with veterans is the development of a mental illness. Around 45% of veterans have a mental illness from PTSD to depression. PTSD happens to veterans for many different reasons because of memories while in combat. The veterans can not take the meriemy of what happened to them while in combat, this causes them their adrenaline levels to go up. With their adrenaline up this can make veterans feel very stressed that can cause them to get angry. They can also get different mental diseases such as depression. ¨Nearly 1 in 4 active duty members showed signs of a mental health condition¨ shows from a study in 2014 by JAMA Psychiatry. This can cause veterans to get suicidal thoughts. Approximately 22 veterans take their own life every day.

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Veteran Looking at His Dog

How can you help Veterans with their life? One can always donate to help them at or join rallys for our veterans. You can also train service dogs for our veterans with disabilities. This is a great way to help veterans because service dogs help people with their daily lives whether they have PTSD or just need someone or something to help them. We should all help  veterans because they risked their lives so one can live safely in our homes.