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November, Tuesday 14, 2018


SAN FERNANDO- Hiking is a sport  because they spend their free time walking up and down mountains  and they like sleeping in the forest. They like to see the view from the mountains. People are connecting to nature. They like to hike because of the weather. they can have time with family because parents are working and they don’t spend time with their families


People likes to take pictures at the beautiful views in the months because the only way to see this views are in the mountain.People can see animals when they are hiking they go eat in the mountains after they finish hiking.  Some people likes to walk a lot and hiking help to walk a lot. Some of the months have lagoon and waterfalls that is other reason people like hiking and in the lagoon people can get in the water when they are tager. People likes hearing the animals singing. People likes hiking because is not a lot of rules in the months when they are walking. People know what they can do next time they want to go out.  


“People like hiking, it is the weather, like what time people need to go to hiking is more better if people go in the morning because it is not that hot. People likes to have time with their family. They spent their free time walking up and down in the mountains.

Credit :Lake Como, Italy & Swiss Alps Hiking leTra