Wrestling Not Good Enough

Jacob, Journalist

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Friday november 16, 2018


Pacima- A highschool named visa has been having sports for quite a while but this time in the past semesters but one sport that not many students are going into is wrestling.

Due to the fact that not many students are joining the visa wrestling team, there is only a little amount of time left before they leave with that little amount of students. But why is this ,some don’t know wrestling is a fun sport and requires no skills needed.It is probably the uniform used while doing wrestling people find that uniform embarrassing.

Other than that wrestling is a good sport and hey probably you will be great at it.”With wrestling, in practice you have to focus on technique and practice it over and over again until it becomes muscle memory” said by an anonymous teen on www.teenlink.com. In general being in a sport in high school can be a motivation to keep good grades

Henning Bagger—AFP/Getty Images

or to even in your digital portfolio this would be great since that shows you were active in the school. To conclude wrestling is a great sport and this may be your only chance to join.