Were Volcanoes the Death of Dinosaurs?

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     VISA- Most people think that the cause of their extinction was caused by a massive asteroid hit, but scientist have been researching  if something else caused the extinction of these creatures. A timeline shows that volcanic eruptions began way before the , the scientist and researchers   could be implying that the climate caused the eruptions that led to the dinosaur extinction.

     The Deccan Traps is one of the largest volcanic features on earth. The University of Liverpool, Courtney Sprain a scientist used a different method to measure argon gas. Sprain’s team found that 75% of Deccan lava erupted 600,000 years after the extinction. This made them believe that the asteroid triggered the eruptions. These studies all agree that the Deccan Traps eruptions occurred about 400,000 years before the extinction .

     “There have been five mass extinction events on Earth, and scientists believe that we’re living through the sixth — and that we’re at fault for this one.”


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