Vaccines And What They Do

Adrian, Journalist

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What are vaccines? Why is it so important vaccinate? Why do people not vaccinate?

Well this article will hopefully tell you all the answers to these questions.

Well to start off, Vaccines are a basically a shot that helps our bodies protect itself. How you ask? Inside the vaccination shot there is a weakened or dead cell of the disease. The point of a vaccination is to give our bodies an advantage against certain diseases that they cannot defend by themselves. By giving our bodies a vaccination it gives them an advantage on what to do when the real disease comes around and infects our bodies. This way our bodies can defend itself from other dangerous diseases.

Why are vaccines important to us as a community? They are important to all of us as a community because they can stop diseases from spreading to others around us. If all of us are vaccinated we could stop the diseases from spreading and hopefully kill it of. Let’s say that we have a group that are not vaccinated at all, diseases see that group as easy prey. The diseases could spread quickly through them all since their bodies have no way of defending themselves from all the surrounding diseases. Now let say there is a group of people who are all vaccinated, they all have a much stronger chance of defending themselves than the other group. This means diseases can’t spread through the group, resulting in the diseases staying contaminated.

Why do people not vaccinate? Some people who chose not to vaccinate chose to do this because they worry about links to autism and vaccines. This is not ttrue, these beliefs are because of a study in 1998. This article has since been marked incorrect because of how inaccurate it was. Even most of the writers have since have tried to get their names out of the article because it ruins their reputation and their credibility.

Have vaccinations killed off diseases? Vaccinations have actually helped kill smallpox and rinderpest. This is a great example of how vaccines have helped us survive and helped destroy deadly diseases. Vaccines have also helped lower cases of other diseases that are a threat to us all.

To conclude, vaccines are important for us all as we are a community. They are also important to us because of the protection the protection they provide us with. So please be safe and remember to vaccinate for your safety and the safety of others around you.