Should Parents Be Responsible For Their Children’s Crimes

MarcAnthony, Journalist

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Photo from: Free Clipart

    V.I.S.A – Parents should not be responsible for children’s crimes but in some countries their are parents who are responsible for their crimes, more than 35 states have laws holding parents legally responsible for their children’s actions. Normally in California if someone’s child commits a crime and if they get caught for the crime they’ve committed no parent of theirs should not be responsible for the crime their child has committed. The law says nothing about parents being responsible for children’s crimes the only thing the law says is that parents should only be responsible for feeding their children, clothing, and providing shelter. 

     Some may argue how a child’s sense of right and wrong derives from the way their parents raised them which is true. Unless the parent assisted in helping the child commit the crime for example underage drinking drug usage, the adult should never be held responsible for the child’s actions. If a kid gets in trouble, it’s easy to blame the parents, attribute the mishap to how they were raised, the kind of family they were born to.

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