How to Establish a Healthy Relationship With Your Phone | By Anizel Alcantar

Are you madly in love with your phone? Perhaps “addicted”? Living in a world with advancing technology is quite fascinating. However, we should utilize and take advantage of it in a healthy manner. Setting boundaries would help limit how often you use your phone. Sometimes, it  tends to be so difficult to not check your phone, you’re naturally gravitated to check it. According to Business Insider, the average person touches their phone 2,617 times on a daily basis. Washington Post claims that about most teenagers with phones spend eight to twelve hours using their phone in a day. Crazy, right? A third or more of your day is strictly devoted to technology. Now, imagine using your phone for several hours consecutively, day after day; What could you be doing in place of spending hours on your phone?   To initiate, majority of people use their phones for different purposes and some tend to spend more time on them than others often do. It’s acceptable to use our phones, however we must be cautious of how we use them and how much of our time is consumed on them. It’s important to be aware for the sake of your general health. In some cases it okay to use your phone more than the average person if it’s important under your circumstances. For example, in the article 9 Tips To Help End Your Addiction, Dana Mark explains how her phone plays a big role in her life as a form of communication between her sons and their extra curricular activities.


Here are 5 tips to help you break up with your phone:

  1. Technology could interfere in your way of living life. Spending an excessive amount behind a screen rather than exploring and finding alternative sources of entertainment is limiting you from new experiences. For example, socializing does not have to always occur through a social media platform, sometimes aspects of the person are left out or unrealistic. A stronger bond can be established when socializing in person and getting to know each other in depth rather than having small talk through texting them.
  2. Maybe you’ve never seen your phone as a distraction. As a student, when it comes to education, I’ll utilize my phone as a tool for additional sources to help me study, research, or communicate with teachers and peers. Occasionally few will admit that they do find themselves distracted if a notification is heard on the phone, majority usually check it immediately whether it be a text from a friend or etc. It can serve as a distraction from studies and get one caught up, and distracted scrolling through , forgetting about responsibilities. Practice self control, manipulate your mental into restraining itself from using technology continuously to avoid issues or any additional interference in life.
  3. Be eager to end your phone addiction until the issue is resolved. Make an effort to weaken the bond between you and your phone. Do not discourage yourself through this process, acknowledge the cause and benefits of letting go of your phone. For the sake of your wellbeing, lifestyle, health, socialism, and much more, do not depend or keep your nose behind a screen for too long. Be optimistic through this change in your life.
  4. Schedule time to devote toward using your phone. Try to limit use of your phone as a source of communication. A phone is not the only source of entertainment, socializing, learning and etcetera. Slowly reduce the time spent on a phone as time goes by until it’s a reasonable amount of time.
  5. Furthermore, simple tricks to implement throughout your day could be to set your phone aside, schedule a certain amount of time with your phone daily, , mute or turn it off, or pretend as if it’s not around and forget it’s existence. Airplane mode is also a good strategy too. What was previously mentioned may sound difficult and you’re probably arguing against it as you read it, but it’s a lot more simple than you think. Implement these tips into your life and you’ll establish a healthy relationship with technology. Try to distance yourself from your significant other, your phone… literally distance yourself to avoid using it in unnecessary moments.


 In conclusion, Give yourself a break from spending time behind a screen, lean towards other options like spending it behind a book or tranquil scenery. Go outdoors and enjoy life. I’m not suggesting you breakup with your phone but perhaps give it a break and consider it a break for yourself as well. Find hobbies and socialize with others. Set boundaries and be mindful of them to establish a healthy non dependent relationship with your cellular device.

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