A Dedicated English Teacher By Day, An Animal Rescuer By Night | By Kevin Valenzuela

It is a chilly Monday morning, November 6, 2017. As advisory commences, I ready myself for my interview with one of Vaughn International Studies Academy’s English teacher’s, Ms. Cueva, I review all the questions I am going to ask and I prepare myself.  Curiously, I head to Ms. Cueva’s classroom to conduct the interview. As I walk in, I notice that the classroom is nice, calm, and inviting. Ms. Cueva welcomes me with an open mind ready to answer all the questions that I am about to ask. One thing that stood out to me is that her desk was filled with many decorations related to her favorite teaching topic, English.

Ms. Cueva’s love for English comes from the fact that it is a very powerful tool that helps many people communicate their ideas whether they are talking to their boss or family.  Cueva explained “It’s just really communication I think that you learn mostly through English and that’s powerful for anybody.” She started off at Cal State Channel Islands which is about 50 minutes away. Her high school actually encouraged their students to study far away and move away. After her time spent at Cal State Channel Islands, she decided that it wasn’t the best for her, so she decided to transfer to a community college until she was a junior. Cueva  then transferred to California State University, Northridge. She decided this move was the best fit for her because she enjoyed the environment that LA offered in terms of open-minded people & diversity.


Based on Ms. Cueva’s stern exterior, you wouldn’t guess that one of her hobbies includes helping animals. She revealed “Cats, dogs, any pets, I just think that their so important to the world and to people and every one of our lives. Our pets are really important and I don’t think we pay that much attention to their rights.”  Ms. Cueva mentioned that there are many ways that she helps animals which includes helping look for lost dogs and cats. The cat’s that she currently owns are also rescued cats and in the past, she has helped many cats find homes that would provide the warm comfort and love that she believes should come with a home.


Ms. Cueva loves to teach freshmen for one main reason, the new little exciting things they learn throughout the course of the school year.  “They’re little easy things and to them, it’s something so new and exciting for them still and it’s exciting for me.” Ms Cueva mentioned that it was like freshmen are barely waking up and it’s fun to see their reaction to the reality of high school.  At the end of the day, Ms. Cueva just loves her job, and teaching English in general. Even though some days may be stressful for her, she enjoys the fun and adventures that come with teaching English.

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