Extracurricular Clubs for Students attending VISA

Maria, Editor

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All you need to know about the clubs currently accessible to students.

San Fernando, Ca

September 29, 2018

The basis of extracurricular clubs in High schools can be dated back to 1920’s. A High school in California named Sacramento High School established in May 1925 was the first recorded High school to do so. There are multiple clubs at the VISA campus that students can attend and become members of. These clubs all offer opportunities for students to grow and spend some time getting to know their community, and school culture. The clubs available are GSA Pride, H.O.P.E., Key Club, Save, SAC, HOSA, Panesia, Heart, ASB, and the Jesus Club.


GSA pride stands for the gay, straight, alliance club. This club aims to create a safe place for students who identify as LGBQ plus, and their allies. This club meets every Tuesdays, and has their lunch delivered to them. They meet in room IA-1. They often share their coming out stories, spread awareness on the different types of sexualities and genders. They aim to raise awareness on sexual education, by attaining guest speakers who are educated professionals on Public Health. Some of the events they attend include are Models of Pride, and Day of Silence. For more information please contact Citlali, who is currently a senior or Mrs. Mohr, the teacher behind this club.


HOPE stands for the human organization of preserving the environment. The environment has been greatly affected by humanity in the last couple of centuries, and Hope works to try and reverse some of the damage humans have imposed on the environment. This includes helping out endangered species like elephants by fundraising and donating money to protect and preserve these animals. Hope meets every Wednesday in pod S102. Some of the events hosted by hope are the hope carnival, beach cleanups, tree planting events, and even a leadership conference held at Disneyland. The presidents of Hope are Elvia Mendez, Heidi Tejada, and Anareli.


Key Club is one of the largest national level clubs pertaining in the country and this was the new name given to the first club that was started in a high school. This club, which is offered in out very own high school campus is a national club that breaks up into smaller branches. These branches which include the high school at a community level, and the different high school communities at a more city oriented branch. At key club one will attend park conferences, beaches, and many more places were action is taken to volunteer toward events that will better our community as a whole. In the essence that volunteering will bring forth leadership characteristics for the members of this club, which is of course an appealing factor to higher level studies like universities. The president of this club is Luis Lopez this year.


Save is a club in which members aim to advocate for the rights of animals, whether it be in shelters or in public attractions like the zoo. This club meets on Thursday and the teacher advisor is Mr. Padilla. The president of this club is Maria Páez.


SAC stands for student advisory council. This club meets in advisory, usually about 2-3 times a month. Each advisory here at VISA is entitled to one representative per advisory with a backup in case the primary representative can not make it to the meetings. In these meetings advocates discuss issues and possible solutions to the problems that can be addressed through changes. There are voting members that vote to pass on changes that will affect VISA high school. The president is Brenda Campos. This club does meet during advisory so members do have to make up the classwork when attending the meetings.


HOSA/ Red Cross stands for Health occupations student of America, and Red Cross. The HOSA meme nerd got the opportunity to join Red Cross so that is why the club is also Red Cross. In this club students are able to attend competitions once a year where they challenge the skills attained throughout the year. They compete with other high school students in the state and if they succeed they can challenge other High school students on a nationwide level. This club is advised by Mrs. Penarroyo. The president is Amanda Limón. There is an application process that you must do in the beginning of the year to join. You can join if you are in the biomed program, or if you are truly interested in this club. This club hosts events in the hopes of fundraising for competition, and other activities like a Disneyland leadership conference.


Panacea is a club that is advised by Mr. Judd and Andrea Rosas is Vice President.  In panacea, once a year on Christmas time they supply students with shoes, specifically at panda land they receive the shoes. The club meets every Monday. There are applications in the begging of the year, they accept everyone as long as you fill out the application and you can become president if you show consistent effort and that you are truly interested in the leadership that needs to happen in the club. For more information about the club feel free to email the Vice President at : [email protected]


Heart is a club that helps students out. They focus on aiding students who are not as fortunate as other and need to be provided that basic materials for a healthy life. Ar heart they focus and find out natural disasters like the Houston flooding and help by sending them supplies and Christmas baskets. This club meets on Friday’s once a month or so, sometimes twice a month. There is no application process needed. One just has to show up to meetings and be a committed member. For more information contact the vise president at: [email protected] myvaughncharter.com.


ASB a club that organizes all events related to the school. ASB stands for associated student body. Examples of events that are organized in the club include but are not limited to school dances, spirit week, pep rallies. In ASB one would decide on the theme of prom, more, homecoming and winter formal. Meme nerd help out with decorations and other things. At the end of the year there is an application and interview process that goes with joining the club. This club meets on Thursday’s. Shanelly Valenzuela is president of ASB.


Jesus Club usually meets on fridays. This club usually offers students a free pizza and they usually talk about topics that concern the youth through a religious lens.



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