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| Pacoima, CA | October 5, 2018

               Picture from The Christian Post

Gerard Barrett’s dramatic film, Brain on Fire, is a compelling and heart warming movie that was released in 2016, rated PG-13. Barrett does an excellent job showing the story of  Susannah Cahalan, an American Journalist that went through the process and diagnosis of having her brain on fire (anti-NMDA).

        Chloë Grace Moretz did an excellent job portraying how Susannah Cahalan felt and suffered. The writers did a magnificent job creating the dialogue. The movie’s realistic approach makes you feel as if you were a part of the story. Every scene in the film flows smoothly into the next, leaving out plot holes. The wardrobe in the movie fit perfectly with the setting and the theme. The film also is not exaggerated and sticks to the original true story. One thing you can take from the film is doctors are not always correct, but you should never give up hope. Overall, this movie gets a 10/10.