Is V.I.S.A.’S dress code too strict?

Brianna, Staff Editor

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Many students complain about the dress code and how it doesn’t let you express yourself. I agree with many students based on what they have to say about it. For example , Karina ,a 10th grader, had said,” it gives no freedom of speech towards our liking of style.” This makes me feel that many students want to express themselves but can’t because the dress code has banned the type of clothing they would like to express on themselves.

I would like to think the dress code is too strict  because even for myself I would like to wear something that fits my sense of style without getting dress coded. I do not like that you are not able to wear logo sweaters, even though some kids do , they end up getting it taken away because it is not school appropriate. I would like the superintendent to change or transfer  the dress codes of what we can not wear to what is allowed at school. If you want to know more about the school rules or learn more on dress codes based on our school you can check out our school website Visa Campus Info.