High School Seniors Recreate Pop Culture Moments

Anita, Staff Editor

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Pacoima, ca

High school seniors at Farmington Hills became creative and dressed up as movie characters for their school id picture. “A senior class in michigan came to slay on picture day.” The class recreated pop culture moments. They even dressed up as people from their favorite memes. According to the CBS News website, some of the kids dressed up as Princess Leia, Elle Woods, and Madea. One boy dressed up as Smalls from The Sandlot. Another girl dressed as Mia from The Princess Diaries. Some kids went back to their early childhood for inspiration and dressed up like some of the characters. One girl named Alyssa dressed up as Kim Possible. Some seniors recreated the 2018 memes, while others dressed as their celebrity dopplegangers. North Farmington High School Seniors get really creative every year. If you would like to check out some of the costumes for pop culture, feel free to visit: