Tiny Bees Making A Big Difference Within Our Environment

Adrian, Journalist

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By Adrian At San Fernando

What are bees and why are they so important for us and the environment. Bees are tiny insects that help the environment by pollinating plants making the fruit grow so that we can eat.

Why are bees dying? Bees are dying because of pesticides on plants. Farmer or planters spray pesticide on plants so harmful bugs stay off. What farmers don’t know is that bees are also affected by the spray. The pesticide kills the bees by attacking their nervous system resulting in the bees dying. Bees are also dying by because most are losing their home because of areas being taken down. Without their homes bees can not make food resulting in the bees dying of starvation. Bees are also being attacked by varroa mites. Theses mites are sucking the bees nutriones dry which will result in killing the bees.

What would the world look like if bees all were extinct. To start off lots of plants would not be able grow fruits which would affect what people eat. More than half of the plants in supermarkets are gonna be gone. Most plants would not be able to grow like Watermelon Squash, Pumpkins, Cucumbers, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, and Apples because they need bees to pollinate them so they grow. Without bees most plants would not grow. WIth people and animals it would be worse because animals that relied on plants would die which would cause the food chain to become broken. With animals going extinct humans would only last around 5 years because of the shortage of food for people. You can help bees at home by having some plant blooming all year long so bees can make food.