Christmas Cheer All Around

Nikita, Journalist

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  Pacoima, CA

  As the year comes to an end, and the holiday season quickly   approaches, many people are saving up for gifts and Christmas vacations. It’s quite a popular festivity celebrated by millions around the world, but do they know what it’s all really about?


      The literal meaning of Christmas is quite ironic to the reason we celebrate. Christmas is a modified form of the words “Christ-mass” meaning the death of Christ, however during this holiday we celebrate the birth of Christ. This wouldn’t be of much interest to those who celebrate Christmas secularly. In a Christian household, the decorations hold a symbolic meaning to them. The lights that many adorn their homes with is an adaptation to the candles that Christians would put around as a symbol of the light of Jesus entering their homes. The traditional green trees that are all over the place during this season represents undying life; evergreen. Though all of this is just mere decoration to some of the 160 countries that consider this an official holiday. In fact, some of these countries refer to Christmas as “family day”. To non-Christians, this day is celebrated for the cultural and celebrational aspect which include, spending time with family and spending loads of money on gifts for all your loved ones.