Ark Extinction Brings The Fun To Ark

Angel, Journalist

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Pacoima, Ca

Vaughn International Studies Academy

Finally Ark Extinction has has come to ps4 and xbox the long waiting is over. It´s finally time to start building,taming and raiding.

Players will return to where our story began and now concludes, on Earth. However, our home is not the place we once knew it to be. The planet has been taken over by Element, corrupting the fauna and flora alike. Now host to peculiar creatures both organic and technological, as well as gigantic roaming Titans our harrowing survivors must find a way to defeat these animals and save Earth’s future from total destruction.

At the heart of Extinction you’ll find a towering but decaying metropolis still protected by a force of robotic guards called Scouts and Enforcers. Outside of the city there are three Proto. Two of them were successful, the desert and the tundra, while the third, the forest, fell into a crater under the surface of the Earth and became a dark but flourishing home to many species of plants and critters. Between these regions lies the unprotected terrain of wastelands and sulfur fields a perilous region where creatures corrupted by Element plague and destroy anything in their path.

Build giant pistol and sword-wielding mechanical armor suits, Cryo your creatures and carry massive dinosaurs around in your pocket, build tek-enhanced bridges across impossible gaps, the world is yours to discover and that’s what we believe is Ark’s greatest aspect. We create the tools and the environment; you create the adventures.



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