What do crazy ants do to electronics?

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Credit: terro.com

Abe, Journalist

Credit: kxan.com Nylanderia fulva, also known as the tawny crazy ant and ants on a human hand

Mon Nov 16, 2018

San Fernando – Be careful with your electronics around crazy ants. Even though they are small creatures they can be annoying or irritating.


These ants are very tiny ,they can crawl into a electronic such as your phone and short circuit it and then they can’t turn on. That is why some people have called exterminators for something like ac turning off.


According to livescience.com ”Often the switches inside them need to be replaced, thanks to the ants, said Matthews, who works for the Austin-area pest control business The Bug Master”. “They also reproduce a whole lot “sometimes outnumbering all other ants 100-to-1”.


In conclusion these ants are annoying and irritating when they short circuit electronics.

These are tiny but there are lots of them and they can cause problems that need to be attended to.