Birthright Citizenship -Can it be Eliminated?

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President Donald Trump needs a lesson on U.S history, it seems that he is not aware that at the end of the Civil War three amendments were instituted one of those being the 14th amendment- the amendment that guarantees citizenship to all persons born in and under the jurisdiction of the United States.  


As the mid election period approached, Donald Trump , the united states 45th president took the time to come out and state that if he continues to be president he would look into the idea of eliminating the fourteenth amendment which states that any baby born on US  soil automatically becomes a citizen of the united states. The president of the united states has no real power to eliminate amendments from the constitution because the constitution cannot be touched, not even by an executive order. Some people want the 14th amendment to remain instituted because the fact that Trump wants to sign that executive order that ends birthright citizenship means that once he ends the birthright citizenship, every american elder, adult, and child would automatically become a native- born non citizen. Trump said that supposedly the US is the only country in the world in the world with birthright citizenship which isn’t true because there are at least more than 20 countries. Trump also said that birthright citizenship is something that he can change easily with an executive order which obviously isn’t true because if he was a

ble to do it instantly he would’ve done it already well he would’ve tried to. The executive order would basically cause a court fight which would have the Supreme Court decide whether to stick to the century- old interpretation of the 14th amendment which states that children whose parents aren’t citizens are born in the United States and abide its laws, therefore they’re citizens or “to specifically exempt children born to unauthorized immigrants” which means Trump doesn’t want to grant people citizenship.


While others want the 14th amendment eliminated because it would decrease the number of citizens without traditional American values.Also,because the welfare costs will drop.Having a citizen in a family of immigrants makes it more difficult for immigration officials to deport the parents.Eliminating the 14th amendment can also decrease the amount of people with xenophobia-Xenophobia is the fear or dislike of people from other countries.With less fear and anger people can feel more comfortable and free in their country.

If this is the case and the amendment does get appealed and Trump issues an executive order then the supreme court will quickly take actions to declare his executive order unconstitutional because amendments in the constitution can not be touched. This would mean that the supreme court has the power to overrun the executive order, giving the president no real power over birthright citizenship. Most people who support Trump are not aware that he has no real power to eliminate the 14th amendment and are kind of unpleased by the idea that the kids of illegal immigrants have been turned into anchor babies so that their parents are not deported because of family separation issues among other things. The court stated that : “To hold that the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution excludes from citizenship the children, born in the