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About the editor: Destiny Cable

You may know her from the morning announcements, rawr. Destiny Cable is a V.I.S.A senior and has been at Vaughn since pre school. Born in Madera, California Destiny enjoys the world of performance and in the future strives to do just that; perform. As a child Destiny loved to dance, draw and write fiction horror stories/ screenplays. Throughout the course of her life she has participated in drill team, cheer (in school and outside of school), participated in several play productions and musicals such as Shrek and Urinetown. Up until her senior year Destiny Cable had never been in a journalism class or showed serious interest in it. However after being placed in Ms Kristals journalism class giving her a full schedule she has grown to accept the course and take advantage of the many learning opportunities.

This year she was given the role of being the editor in chief of the Visa news and she gladly took on this challenge making sure that each article was polished and to the T.

Nearing the end of her senior year Destiny plans after high school include working, attending college and kick starting her career as a performer. Throughout her time in high school Ms. Cable has enjoyed the group of friends she has made and enjoys being the voice of the morning announcements for her school. However, she also looks forward to starting her life outside of school and creating more opportunities for herself in the future.

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About the editor: Destiny Cable