Was Homecoming Worth It? | By Denise Moreno

“I rather be at home,” or “ that’s so overrated,” is what some high school students feel towards homecoming.  What they don’t know is that homecoming has many benefits even if it may seem like it’s just a school dance. “It’s a memory in the making, an invitation, and most importantly a bridge between classes, ages and personal experience.,” John Miller added in his article, “The Tradition of Homecoming: The reason Homecoming is important.” Homecoming is one of those nights to remember and it’s highly anticipated by other students. Most high schools have homecoming but there’s still a good portion of high schools that don’t host homecoming. Vaughn International Studies Academy (V.I.S.A.) use to be one of the schools that didn’t have a homecoming for their students, but that all changed. In 2017, V.I.S.A held its first ever homecoming, and many people wondered if it was worth going and if they should attend 2018 homecoming. Read More

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