Can we bring the team back? | By Melvin Jaral

According to CNN, “96% of NFL players had a brain disease” but regardless people still want to play football knowing the risks. When this reached the attention of  V.I.S.A (Vaughn International Studies Academy) the football team was removed in 2012, and hasn’t returned since then due to safety reasons and the high cost of equipment. Some students at V.I.S.A would love to play football but don’t know how this sport can affect their safety and the school. V.I.S.A’s main concern for any sport is safety which is why they removed football from our school before we had any major incidents like concussions or short term memory loss.   Read More

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The Outcomes of School Electives | By Leslie Gomez

Many students get tired of always taking notes and getting boring assignments in their classes. But, taking electives can be the solution to this problem. Unlike your regular classes, electives are about your inner passions, such as art, dance, music, journalism, and many others. Miami Herald shows that students that take electives have more success in life. For example, students that take electives can find talents they didn’t know they had, and they are more likely to be successful in college. Many high schools in Los Angeles, including Vaughn International Studies Academy (V.I.S.A.) encourage their students to take two or more electives, aside from their mandatory classes. Read More

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Was Homecoming Worth It? | By Denise Moreno

“I rather be at home,” or “ that’s so overrated,” is what some high school students feel towards homecoming.  What they don’t know is that homecoming has many benefits even if it may seem like it’s just a school dance. “It’s a memory in the making, an invitation, and most importantly a bridge between classes, ages and personal experience.,” John Miller added in his article, “The Tradition of Homecoming: The reason Homecoming is important.” Homecoming is one of those nights to remember and it’s highly anticipated by other students. Most high schools have homecoming but there’s still a good portion of high schools that don’t host homecoming. Vaughn International Studies Academy (V.I.S.A.) use to be one of the schools that didn’t have a homecoming for their students, but that all changed. In 2017, V.I.S.A held its first ever homecoming, and many people wondered if it was worth going and if they should attend 2018 homecoming. Read More

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A Dedicated English Teacher By Day, An Animal Rescuer By Night | By Kevin Valenzuela

It is a chilly Monday morning, November 6, 2017. As advisory commences, I ready myself for my interview with one of Vaughn International Studies Academy’s English teacher’s, Ms. Cueva, I review all the questions I am going to ask and I prepare myself.  Curiously, I head to Ms. Cueva’s classroom to conduct the interview. As I walk in, I notice that the classroom is nice, calm, and inviting. Ms. Cueva welcomes me with an open mind ready to answer all the questions that I am about to ask. One thing that stood out to me is that her desk was filled with many decorations related to her favorite teaching topic, English.

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A Great Future At Your Fingertips | By Anarely Sanchez


At school, there are two types of students when it comes to settling down and grabbing a novel to read. There are those who read for their own amusement and enjoy it just for fun, but there are others who either see that they have to do it for a grade or decide it is too boring for them and end up not reading at all. This is a serious problem because reading is not only an important skill to learn, but it also allows a person’s mind to expand with knowledge and curiosity. However, not every single student may like to read and that is okay, but maybe they just haven’t found that one book that is just right for them.  

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