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Academic Stress in Teens

Regina, Journalist

March 7, 2019

V.I.S.A-  High school students tend to begin experiencing stress at school and at home, due to the excessive amount of work and extracurricular given to the students. Although extracurricular activities are generally chos...

Wrestling Not Good Enough

Jacob, Journalist

November 30, 2018

Friday november 16, 2018   Pacima- A highschool named visa has been having sports for quite a while but this time in the past semesters but one sport that not many students are going into is wrestling. Due to th...


Karina, Journalist

November 7, 2018

November School Calendar : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mFzBY8yzUV4XGU4a5RgguDWxU_kG2R_Mmf3Dys4XQOI/edit?usp=sharing  

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