A Great Future At Your Fingertips | By Anarely Sanchez


At school, there are two types of students when it comes to settling down and grabbing a novel to read. There are those who read for their own amusement and enjoy it just for fun, but there are others who either see that they have to do it for a grade or decide it is too boring for them and end up not reading at all. This is a serious problem because reading is not only an important skill to learn, but it also allows a person’s mind to expand with knowledge and curiosity. However, not every single student may like to read and that is okay, but maybe they just haven’t found that one book that is just right for them.  

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A Dedicated English Teacher By Day, An Animal Rescuer By Night | By Kevin Valenzuela

It is a chilly Monday morning, November 6, 2017. As advisory commences, I ready myself for my interview with one of Vaughn International Studies Academy’s English teacher’s, Ms. Cueva, I review all the questions I am going to ask and I prepare myself.  Curiously, I head to Ms. Cueva’s classroom to conduct the interview. As I walk in, I notice that the classroom is nice, calm, and inviting. Ms. Cueva welcomes me with an open mind ready to answer all the questions that I am about to ask. One thing that stood out to me is that her desk was filled with many decorations related to her favorite teaching topic, English.

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How to Establish a Healthy Relationship With Your Phone | By Anizel Alcantar

Are you madly in love with your phone? Perhaps “addicted”? Living in a world with advancing technology is quite fascinating. However, we should utilize and take advantage of it in a healthy manner. Setting boundaries would help limit how often you use your phone. Sometimes, it  tends to be so difficult to not check your phone, you’re naturally gravitated to check it. According to Business Insider, the average person touches their phone 2,617 times on a daily basis. Washington Post claims that about most teenagers with phones spend eight to twelve hours using their phone in a day. Crazy, right? A third or more of your day is strictly devoted to technology. Now, imagine using your phone for several hours consecutively, day after day; What could you be doing in place of spending hours on your phone?   To initiate, majority of people use their phones for different purposes and some tend to spend more time on them than others often do. It’s acceptable to use our phones, however we must be cautious of how we use them and how much of our time is consumed on them. It’s important to be aware for the sake of your general health. In some cases it okay to use your phone more than the average person if it’s important under your circumstances. For example, in the article 9 Tips To Help End Your Addiction, Dana Mark explains how her phone plays a big role in her life as a form of communication between her sons and their extra curricular activities.


Here are 5 tips to help you break up with your phone:

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Dewaele: Time Traveler, Soccer Fan, And Lover of Wars | By Alan Garduno

It is the end of a long and tiring Wednesday. Seventh period arrived and it was time for my interview. Excitedly, I walk over to Mr. Dewaele’s classroom which is next to Ms. Mohr’s classroom. A little nervous, I open the door and walk into his class. It’s loud and full of students yet full of history and knowledge. Mr. Dewaele is ready for me and he seems excited to start. From New Jersey, right out of the city of Philadelphia to Pasadena where he now reside which is 20 miles away. He travels through many different time periods because well, he’s a History teacher! Mr. Dewaele has grown accustomed to this environment because he has worked at V.I.S.A for 8 years. Dewaele received his education at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey which is now called Stockton University. Read More

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